Dried Banana Leave 50 Pcs Pet Supplies Fish Aquarium Organic Free Standard Ship Sale

Dried Banana Leave 50 Pcs Pet Supplies Fish Aquarium Organic Free Standard Ship

Dried Banana Leave 50 Pcs Pet Supplies Fish Aquarium Organic Free Standard Ship Sale

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Dried Banana Leaves 50 pcs Pet Supplies Fish Aquarium Organic  FREE STANDARD SHIPPING

Product description

They have many benefits including prevention/treating

  • Prevent fungal diseases

  • Control parasites

  • Cures bites or other injuries.

  • Those are natural food

  • Have antibacterial properties

  • Promote good health and colour

  • Stimulate breeding

  • It lowers ph level naturally

How to use

 Take a few leaves and make small pieces about 1 inch size and drop them in your aquarium. Those will float for 24-48 hours, and then once they become waterlogged they will sink. You can take them out/replace them once they start to break down, (about a week later) but most fish/shrimp/snails eat them at that point.

Quantity: 50 dried leaves ( 5 cm in width and 20 cms in length each leaves)

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