Colour Bait Boat Fish Finder Gps Navigation 300 Metre Range Sonar Depth Sale

Colour Bait Boat Fish Finder Gps Navigation 300 Metre Range Sonar Depth

Colour Bait Boat Fish Finder Gps Navigation 300 Metre Range Sonar Depth Sale

Bait Boat GPS Fish Finder Sonar Lucky Smart LBT-1GPS

One device for GPS, Fish finder, Echosounder, Compass and battery indication and all displayed on a colour screen!

Brand new wireless portable fish finder & GPS package, suitable to use with any bait boat on today’s market! This fish finder can be used in any fishing environment and is fantastic for detecting the location of fish, depth and showing the bottom contour of the lake. You can use the GPS function to mark your home point & different bait markers, making sure you accurately drop your bait off in the same spot every time!

This has a built in compass which tells you which direction and speed your boat is sailing and the distance to the marker and the home point. This is incredibly helpful for night fishing!

With this device you can record/save markers and (hot) spots via the GPS and sail back to them manually at a later time so that you are always fishing or feeding on the right spot.

In addition to the depth, the LBT-1GPS also shows the water temperature and voltage of both the boat and fish finder battery on the colour display.


  • Real Time observation of the bottom of the boat: including fish ( position, depth information, fish group size), weeds, underwater contours
  • Boat Distance from bank at any time
  • Boat battery displayed
  • Store more than 500 way points, and load them as a target to precisely navigate your bait boat



Supplied in the Box

  • Colour screen on portable base
  • GPS Receiver
  • Device power cable ( Dry battery )
  • Device power cable ( storage battery )
  • Control box power cable
  • Control Box
  • Antenna Extension
  • Antenna
  • Sensor with 3 different fitting rubbers for various boats

Products specification:

  • GPS positioning accuracy (circular error probability 2.5m - actual measurement accuracy 1m)
  • Waypoint: 500 points 
  • Track: 30
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz 
  • Wireless operating range 300m 
  • Show bait boat speed
  • Show latitude and longitude
  • Satellite: 50 channels
  • Sonar frequency: 125Khz
  • Detect capacity: 60m
  • Sonar angle: 90°
  • Lucky LBT-1 power: x8 AA battery or external alimentation (not included) 10~13V 
  • Control box power: Can be powered by the boat's own batter (not included) 9.5~13V
  • Display size: TFT 3.5" HD colour - visible in sunlight
  • Resolution: 480x320 - 65.536 colours
  • Windows menu style, intuitive and easy to operate
  • Alarm mode: fish alarm/shallow alarm/low voltage alarm
  • "Fish Shape" function show the size and depth position of the fish
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C ~ 50°C



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