Fish Finder Gps Praktik 6 M Sale

Fish Finder Gps Praktik 6 M

Fish Finder Gps Praktik 6 M Sale

The new Praktik model excels at delivering the features needed for modern echolotics:

Finds the fish, shows its size and what depth it is;
Measures depth, depicts bottom relief, estimates bottom hardness;
Shows the environment and various objects in the water, vegetation, trees or even air bubbles;
The Practice 6M has 7 information modes and manual control. This will help adjust the sensitivity of the rendering. In addition, there are additional useful features: audible alarm when fish appear, Auto-adjustable zooming depth, automatic adjustment to the environment (specific water supply, air temperature, atmospheric pressure).

Modes: Fish ID - Fish Search. Pro - Displays the most detailed sensor information. Flesher - Real-time information to monitor fish behavior at bait. Shallow depths - shallow, 0.5 to 2 m. Depth Measurement - Measure depths from 0.5 to 25 m. Accuracy +/- 1 cm. Demo - Testing of the echolot without submersion in water. Info - In this mode, information about the echolot itself.

Praktik M6 improvements over previous versions:
New, reinforced, rubberized body. Not afraid of bumps and falls and submersion.
New frost-resistant screen - Provides performance at temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius.
New sensor. First of all, it will last a lot longer (new housing made of high-strength composite and made possible by disconnecting the cable by installing an airtight connection).
New, more convenient echo control - An additional button helps you find features better. It is possible to rotate the screen by 180 °.

Technical characteristics:
  • Scanning depth - 0.5m to 25m
  • Scanning angle - 1 beam (40 °)
  • Display - 128х64 pixels, 5 мм х 3 мм, backlight
  • Power supply - one element АА (150-200 hours work)
  • Dimensions - 100х72х22 mm, connecting cable - 2 m.
  • Weight - 170 g
  • Operating temperature ° C - -20 ... + 40
  • Automatic depth switching +
  • Fish detection function +
  • Fish size + current depth function +
  • Sonar sensitivity adjustment - incremental, in operating mode, 28 positions
  • Detail View Level (ZOOM) - Adjustable: 1-5 m.
  • Hardness Shows +
  • Adjustment of the "empty" zone +
  • Winter mode +
  • Mode «FISH ID» - +
  • Pro mode - raw information, professional mode
  • Flesher mode - raw information in real time
  • «Shallow» mode - for working in depths of 0.5-2 м
  • «Depth Measurement» mode - you will measure depths from 0.5 to 25 m. Accuracy +/- 1 cm.
  • Demo Mode - You will test the ecolot without submerging it in water
  • Info mode - +
  • Complement:
  • Electronic unit with silicon cable and barette case, sensor, packing, instruction, sensor holder, battery АА

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